Tuxedo Sizing Made Simple

Tuxedosonline.com explains the steps tuxedos shops take to make the sizing of your tuxedo easier and

Some people think when you go in and rent a tuxedo, they are fitting you and they’re going to make a custom tuxedo for you to rent. Basically, what tuxedo shops do for you is they size you up for a coat, pants, and a shirt, and pull it from their stock. This is something that you can do as well as they can. It does not require a tailor or special knowledge about tuxedos. I will later show you how they do it and how they make it easy. A few points that want to make right now is that tuxedo pants in tuxedo shops are adjustable to three sizes. In showing you some of the secret we use at tuxedo shops, one of the ways that we make coats fit is that we use telescopic sleeves. I’d like to show you what a telescopic sleeve is, by first showing you what a regular suit sleeve is. When you go into any tuxedo or suit store, you buy a jacket that has pants that are together with it, and that has sleeves that look like this (regular suit sleeve with slit in it). They have three or four buttons, and they open up. Obviously, on a sleeve like this, you have to take it to a tailor to get it shortened because this has to be done by hand or a special machine. They have to take apart this lining and put it back together, shortening it or lengthening it; it’s a difficult thing to do. But at tuxedo shops, we do the coats a little bit differently in order for us to shorten or lengthen the sleeves easily. The way we do it is with a telescopic sleeve. A telescopic sleeve does not have a slit in it. It is completely round. Inside of it, it is sown on to the lining, so that you can sow it with a blind stitch, or if you would like, by hand. You do not have to take it to a tailor or need tailoring skills to lengthen or shorten the cuff on a telescopic sleeve coat. All you need to know is what coat size you are, which is simple. If you look inside any of your coats, your coat size will be shown, or you can go to any suit store and they will put on a coat and tell you whatever size you are. The next question is I know my waist size but it seems that every pants i buy is a little bit smaller or a little bit larger. Tuxedo shops have a solution for that as well. All of our pants that we sell at Tuxedosonline.com come as adjustable pants. They adjust in or out by four inches. The way they adjust is with an adjustment buckle on the side. You open it up, take it in, and let it out. You don’t have to know the exact waist size you are, you simply have to know a range of waist sizes you are, then all you have to do is hem the pants. Hemming pants can be done very simply with either hemming tape, or you can take it to a local tailor and they can do it for $5-$10.