How to Wear Bowties or Neckties explains how prettied neckties and booties and cummerbunds are adjusted and worn

At Tuxedosonline, most of the bow ties, neckties, and cummerbunds that we sell are adjustable and pre-tied. We also sell ties that you tie yourself, but for the rental industry we make the bow ties, neckties, and cummerbunds that are adjustable and well constructed so it can be washed several times without losing its shape. I would like to show you how they are adjusted and how to put them on. They have an adjustment at the neck, and you button the top button, do the clasp on the side. Then, you can adjust it in with the adjuster. Now, the customer can put down his collar.

The next thing I would like to show you is how a cummerbund works. The cummerbunds have an elastic waistband that adjust in and out. Then the bow tie works the much the same as a necktie: adjustment with a clasp. Just to show you where the clasp is, the clasp is right behind the bow tie, so it can be done and undone right there.