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Tuxedos are a perfect choice of formalwear for any formal event such as prom, weddings, or any other party or gathering that jas a formal dress code. Tuxedos are lately in style when it comes to formalwear. A tux is what you would wear to impress the party and everyone around the event.

Not all tuxedos are created equal; there are many different types of tuxedos. You have the option to wear any type of cut, color, button stance or lapel type when choosing a tuxedo. You may also choose from the endless list of tuxedo sizes to find that perfect fit for whatever your frame may be.

Tuxedos come in a few different types. You can have either a notch lapel, peak lapel, or shawl lapel tuxedo. The notch lapel is by far the most popular type of formal wear lapel used for men. Originally, tuxedos always had a peak lapel, however, this traditional look is less popular now. The peak lapel is also more formal than the notch. Tuxedos can also come in many types of button stance. The most popular is the two 2 button tuxedo. For shawl lapel tuxedos one 1 button tuxedos is the norm. Three 3 button tuxedos use to be very popular but has fallen out of favor in recent years.

One of the most popular styles of formal tuxedos is the slim fit tuxedo. The slim look is the more appealing modern look and has recently become very popular. The slim look can give a very fitted and sharp look, which is great look to have. To compliment a slim fit tuxedo, you can also compliment the tuxedo with a skinny tie to complete the super modern and slim look.

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Showing all 28 results