Men's Dress Shirts Many Colors Long Sleeve French and Convertible Cuffs

We have one of the largest selections of formal button up dress shirts. We have them in stock in our North Hollywood, CA Store as well as online to ship in the USA. You can chose from are endless sizes, styles and colors of shirts. The materials we offer in dress shirts include Satin Polyester, 100% Cotton, Microfiber, and Cotton and Polyester Blends. We have an extremely large selection of colors for every product we have. Our dress shirts come in any color you may think of including all shades of red, blue green, purple, pink, white and black, yellow, orange and the list goes on. See our color selection on the side of the category page.

Dress Shirts may come in different collar styles as well such as a laydown collar, wing tip collar, and mandarin collar in which there are no folds at all. Shirts can come pleated or non pleated depending on the look you are trying to get out of your shirt.

Our size range for Dress shirts is very large. You can find a dress shirt that fits you perfectly by entering your neck size and sleave length to your proportions. We have stocked enough shirts for whatever shape or size you might be. Buy French cuff or Convertible cuff Dress Shirts at

Measurements & Sizing

You can go to our sizing page for guide on how to measure yourself.

Sizing and Measurement Guidelines

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Showing all 12 results