Wedding Tuxedos

Wedding Tuxedos

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Get your Groom's Tuxedo Free

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Wedding tuxedos have traditionally been rented, however, we at TuxedosOnline.Com are out to change this. We are the direct manufacturer of most of our items and we can pass on great savings down to the consumer making the rental tuxedo a thing of the past.

Would you like one of our friendly wedding consultants to contact you with some styling suggestions? Let one of our experience consultants assist you with your style selection and colors matching. Fill out our Wedding Consultation Form and someone will contact you.

We have Wedding Tuxedo Packages starting at just $117.00. This price includes the coat, pants, shirt, cummerbund, bow tie and studs and cufflinks.

Some say a black tuxedo is a black tuxedo and for those we have a large variety of colored vests and cummerbunds to liven up the party. Our wedding vests start at only $25. Most rental tuxedo shops charge $20 to rent a vest. You can now wear either a necktie or bow tie with your tuxedo so you can look at all of our colors of ties and match them up with a black vest or a vest of the color of the bridesmaid dresses for the groomsman. The groom traditionally wears a silver, gray, or black vest. The days are gone when there were only a few options in tuxedos. What used to be a vanilla industry is now really quite exciting? The colors and fabrics of the vests and ties have made tuxedos interesting again. We have seen a move away from bow ties to neckties of all color and shapes. The colors of the vest have become vibrant in shades of pink, yellow and other colors, the brighter the better.

GEO Vest and Necktie bundle


with volume discount as low as $26.24 each.

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We now have neckties and pocket squares in solid silk in many colors that you can use for groomsman's gifts and as well as for the groomsman to wear at your wedding.

Satin Necktie All Colors


with volume discount as low as $3.75 each.

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Although neckties are gaining in popularity for weddings most people still wear bow ties with their tuxedos and what is more classy then a bow tie that you tie yourself. Unlike your local tuxedo shop we have them in many colors. We do have instructions to tie a bowtie on the page that your can find the bow tie.

Satin Cummerbund and Bow Tie All Colors


with volume discount as low as $6.75 each.

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Shirts are definitely becoming more of a focus. The big new thing is fabrication. Men have come to realize that a shirt is the closest thing to their skin and they want to be as comfortable as possible. Hence, designers of formal shirts are moving away from the traditional polyester/cotton blend and going toward higher performance fabrics like microfiber. It fits better, doesn't shrink, keeps its color beautifully and it's much more comfortable than the basic shirt. As for style, in the movie Steel Magnolias, Olympia Dukakis' character notes, "The Only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize." The hottest trend today is colored shirts with tuxedos.

TuxedosOnline.com also has a large selection of tuxedo shoes at everyday low prices with such names as Ecko, Perry Ellis, After Six and others. The patent leather shoe adds to the formality of the occasion by matching the shiny stripe on the side of the tuxedo pants

For those who like to wear a name brand wedding tuxedo we do carry name brands such as Chaps Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, BOANCCI, as well as other name brand tuxedos that are made in Italy, however our house brand MODA formalwear is as high in quality as these brands that we sell at a fraction of the cost.

There are many cufflinks and studs to choose from for your wedding starting at only $5 for the groomsman. For the discriminating gentleman who wants to get married in the best we do have Dolan and Bullock 14k gold studs and cufflinks for $795.

We also have hard to find items such as formal Canes, top hats and gloves if you want to give your wedding a special twist. Unlike conventional fashion which changes all the time, tuxedo styles seem to have stood the test of time. Is there really any way to improve on perfection? Some people choose to wear a suit for their wedding but just as the bride wouldn't wear a cocktail dress to her wedding, the groom should not wear a suit for his. Suits are for work and tuxedos are for a special event. Some say, I don't like tuxedos because they are not as comfortable. Our tuxedos are not the stiff rental tuxedos you are used to seeing. They are made in high end suit factories so they are as soft and comfortable as an Armani suit.

Wedding Tuxedos
Minimal Price: $39.99