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Slim Fit Gray Suits for Weddings Two Button Gray Notch Suit. Made of exceptional microfiber fiber that looks and feels like Super 100s Wool. The fiber content is contains polyester and rayon for a soft feel and yet it is sturdy. Since we are a tuxedo site we do a lot of weddings. Many people now are opting to wear suits instead of tuxedos. This item is perfect for weddings since this suit comes in both slim and regular fit. If you have a wedding party and one or two people can’t use a slim fit suit then this is the suit to wear. This way you can make all the groomsman that want to wear slim fit happy while making the fathers happy by giving them a regular fit suit. It also comes in many colors where you can have the groomsman in one color and have the ushers in anther. We do have wedding specials so if you need to coordinate your wedding party you can make a wedding appointment under “wedding tuxedos” at the “shop by event category or you can just call us at 818-980-5480. It has side Vents. Comes with non-adjustable, non-pleated tuxedo trousers. Pants with belt loops. They are a 6 inch drop. Meaning, the waist size is 6 sizes lower then the coat size. For example, if you order a 40R coat you will receive 34 waist trousers. Prom and Wedding.