Tuxedo Shoes Patent Leather Shoes for Men

Tuxedo shoes for men in all colors and sizes. Patent leather shoes have traditionally been worn with tuxedos to give a more formal look to the outfit. The shine of the patent leather also matches the shine of the satin strip on the pants of a pair of tuxedo pants. They are traditionally worn in black but we do carry them in other colors such as gray for a person who wants to go with a gray tuxedo as well as ivory and white and brown. Black and white shoes are popular for those who want to get a vintage look.

The black and white shoe are called zoot shoes for a zoot suit but it doesn’t necessarily need to be worn with a zoot suit. Some people also decide to wear suit shoes with their tuxedo and we do carry those as well. Our shoes come in all big and tall sizes including sizes up to 20. Our prices are surprisingly low. But that is not due to low quality. We sell direct so we can pass on the saving on to you. We do offer a 30 day money back return policy.

Men’s tuxedo shoes come in many colors and designs including black, white, brown, many shades of grey, and two toned. We have square toe, pointed toe, rounded and everything in between in terms of the shape of the shoe. We carry many patent leather shoes but we also have formal velvet material shoes and different textures of leather shoes. We also carry tuxedo shoes for kids, in the boys shoes section.

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