Closeout Black Laydown Tuxedo Shirt Pleated Front


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Black Tuxedo shirt Laydown collar blend fabric tuxedo shirt with 1/4 inch pleats. Made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester for ease of care and wrinkle resistant, wash and wear. This shirt is good quality to wear to a special event like a wedding or prom and it is durable so it can be used as a uniform shirt for waiters and performances. This makes it a wrinkle resistant tuxedo shirt This Shirt comes with black plastic removable studs with regular buttons under them. This way it can be used with studs or buttons if you do not have the studs. This is not a French cuff shirt but does take cuff links. The cuff is a reversible cuff, which means it does not fold over like a French cuff but does have two holes so cufflinks can be used. It also has a button so that it can be button like a regular shirt if you do not have cuff Links. bow tie, and cuff links not included. The studs that are included are plastic. This is a rental quality shirt which means that it is rated for 30 washing and wearing. The collar and cuffs are made of a durable double fussed material. It is ideal for any occasion and is durable easy to care for so it is ideal for use as over and over again. The shirt is wash and wear if you take it out of the dryer and hang. This brand is what is used for the majority of the rental tuxedo industry. Volume discounts are available.