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Tuxedo Mens Narrow Shawl Slim Fit Tuxedo Prom and Wedding Tuxedo

From: $129.99

Boys Tuxedo BLACK Ring Bearer Infant Toddler Children Teen Tuxedos

From: $39.99

Neck Tie, Pocket Square, and Cuff Links Package All Colors

From: $17.95

French Convertible Cuff Dress Shirt Mens

From: $19.99

Mens Vest For Tuxedo And Suit Solid Satin with Tie Options

From: $29.99

Black Microfiber Tuxedo Package With Any Color vest & Bowtie


Satin Bow Tie Pre Tied Bowtie with Pocket Square Option

From: $8.95

Men's Wedding Suit Regular and Slim Fit | Wedding Proms

From: $119.99

Men's Suspender Bow Tie and Pocket Square Sets with Clips or Buttons Wedding Colors

From: $29.99

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We are the oldest tuxedo site on the internet. TuxedosOnline.com has been selling tuxedos on the internet nationwide since the year 2000. We have been in the tuxedo sales and rental business since 1984, we've started out renting tuxedos Gregory's Tux shop for years, and then we've started selling them at Tuxedosonline.com. It makes sense to buy tuxedo online now rather than rent them because of the technology of the web, and technology in fabrics. The Technology of the web has enabled small companies, such as us, to import directly ourselves and sell directly to the end customer therefore cutting out the middleman. Also technology of better fabrics at lower costs has let us give it to you at a lower price for a tuxedo for sale online. And thirdly, technology we use at our tuxedo shop to make the tuxedos fit have enabled us to serve the general public better, therefore revolutionizing the tuxedo industry from a rental industry into letting people every day buy a tux online about the same price as you would rent a tuxedo.

If we look at prices of tuxedo rentals nowadays, most tuxedos rentals are above $100. The reason for that is cost of labor. It costs a lot to do a full service tuxedo rental, in other words, to measure you, put it together, give it to you, take the risk that you might not bring it back, or you might bring it back damaged, and the wear and tear on the tuxedo itself. When making a tuxedo online purchase, you don't take all of those things into consideration. First of all, you're wearing a brand new tuxedo. Secondly, it's at a lower cost because it is not made to be durable to be rented for 30+ times. The tuxedos on line that you're buying is at a lower cost because there's less construction. It's also lower cost because the majority of the tuxedos we sell online are polyrayon fabric, and the fabric is of lower cost. They are imported from the orient, and that is also of lower cost, but not necessarily of llower quality. With all those considerations in mind, and with the consideration that we have cut out the middleman, we can sell you a tuxedo at a little over the $100, which is the same price you're going to rent one at. In fact you're getting a brand new tuxedo; one that fits and feels better, that you don't have to worry about returning, and that you can wear for next time at the same price that you would get a tuxedo that you wore that someone else has worn several times. Because it has to be durable, a rental tuxedo feels like cardboard. Ours feels soft, supple, and lightweight.

Moda Formal Wear is our brand name and what we manufacture. We make vests, bow ties, neckties, cummerbunds, tuxedos, boys tuxedo sets, etc. The reason we can give you such low prices is we manufacture them, we don't sell them to a wholesaler, we sell them directly to you, the end buyer. If you see Moda Formalwear anywhere, know that it is the same as Tuxedosonline.com

We also carry and make all kinds of accessories and shirts for tuxedos. We make our own house brand of tuxedo vests and ties under the Moda Formalwear label. We carry a wide verity of bow ties and neckties in all wedding colors to match your event color needs. Suspenders have become a very important part of men's fomalwear in resent times, and we do have all colors and styles of suspenders as well as hats, cummerbunds, and studs and cuff links.

We accept purchase orders from public schools and publicly held corporations. We do offer volume quantity order discounts on most items. Feel free to contact us for more information or place an order (888) 968-4889(4TUX) select 0 for customer service.