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Women's tuxedo shirts and women's dress shirts and designed specifically to fit a woman's figure. We have white shirts for women including pleated tuxedo shirts which come in backless tuxedo shirts and regular wing tip collar tuxedo shirts for women. Our dress shirts for women are non pleated lay down collar dress shirts.

Ladies come get your formal shirts for your event whether it be for a Quinceañera, birthday party, wedding, or any other type of formal event. Rocking a tuxedo shirt at any of these events is sure to attract compliment from everyone that sees you... Read More
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3 Item(s)

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At tuxedosonline.com we have both french cuff and reversible cuff shirts. French cuff is usually the higher end of the two shirts. It has four layers that bend over, and you put the cuff links in(through the sleeve, once bent over). You cannot wear it without cufflinks. It looks nice and rich because there are a lot of layers of shirt underneath your tuxedo.

The other shirt, which is a lot easier to take care of and use, is a reversible cuff sleeve. This is basically a barrel cuff, which is your regular shirt cuff, and it has a button like your regular shirt does, except for one difference: it has a second button hole. Therefore, you can actually use cuff links with it. The only difference is it does not fold over. It usually comes in blend shirts, not 100% cotton shirts, and it's easier to take care of.
Womens Tuxedo Shirts
Minimal Price: $23.95
  • The Color of some of our items may vary depending on the type of computer or mobile device you are using to view our website, hence we cannot guarantee exact color.
  • We did our best to ensure that every product picture online matches the physical product color.
  • If you are ordering for a wedding party, please make sure to register your wedding in the link below,to ensure that everything matches. https://www.tuxedosonline.com/wedding-tuxedos
  • If ordering for a large group it is always better to place one large order to ensure that everything matches, as dye lots may vary.

    Affordable, yet great quality that you will always find at TuxedosOnline.com. Get a fantastic high quality formal look for less than the price of large department stores
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    Women's tuxedo shirts for females. Formal shirts for girls in cotton blend for work and special events polyester cotton blend in many sizes for any woman.