14 Day Money Back Guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I didn't get a confirmation email.
    • All invoices are sent when an order is placed automatically. Please check your inbox and spam/junk folder. If you still don't see your invoice,  please call or email us to have a representative confirm your email address with you and request to resend the confirmation.
  2. When will my order ship?
    • After you place an order, it will be processed and printed the following business day. This means if you order on Thursday, your order will ship Friday. If you order Friday, your order will ship Monday. If a product is in high demand, you will receive an email notification that the item has been dropshipped or it is on backorder and it will have a new estimated delivery date. 
  3. Why is my product on backorder?
    • When your product is on backorder, that means the product is in high demand and we are temporarily out of stock. This can happen, for example, if more than one person ordered that product at the same time  You should receive an email notification when products from your order are on backorder. This email will include your full invoice and it will highlight the items that are out of stock. Underneith that, you will see a date we expect it to arrive and the estimated delivery date. 
  4. What is my tracking number?
    • You can view the status of your order when you have placed it while logged in.
  5. When will I get my refund?
    • Once you get a credit memo, the refund will take 2-3 business days to be posted to your account. If you do not see your funds after the email and waiting 2-3 business days, please check with you bank or credit card provider.
  6. How do I return an item?
    • View our Return Policy to see if you are eligable for a return. Then you can fill out the Return Request Form. This requires your order number starting with 511 or WEB (replace WEB with 511 when entering it in) and your email address or last name on the order. You will see a prompt that says "There are no returns", click the button for "request  return" to proceed with the form.
  7. I got the wrong item.
    • Pleas procide us with a photo attachement with you name and order number to our Customer Service Email Once we confirm that you received an incorrect item, we can send a return label to you and send the correct item right away.
  8. Whats the exchange process? 
    • Just like the Return process, exchanges take 12-18 business days to process. Once you fill out the return form, indicate in the Additional Informaiton section what you want in exchange. Then send back the items. When we receive the product(s) you will be notified when it is processed and when the exchange order is placed. From then your exchange order acts like a new order where you will have an estimated delivery date.
  9. I cant wait 12-18 business days can I exchange my item faster?
    • Once you send the product(s) to us, you can provide a tracking number as proof of shipment and we can create the exchange order right away. Another option is to request for a refund and create a brand new order for the item that you need.
  10. Are there any active coupon codes?
    • Any active coupons are on our home page banners. You can also sign up for our newsletter for regular updates on any sales in the future.
  11. What is the code for Same Day Shipping?
    • We would need you to call in and a representative will have to place an order for you. The products must be in stock in our facilities in order to ship same day and we must confirm that first.
  12. Why is my item out of stock now and when I ordered, it was in stock?
    • All the items on the website are available to purchase. Not all items are kept in the warehouse we ship products out from therefore it may take 1-3 business days to order in a few items. All items are always in stock and able to be purchased because they are easily accessible to us and will be shipped as soon as it arrives. The exception to this will be closeout items. If there is an item that is closeout and we do not have stock after an order is placed, that item is discontinued.