Suit Styles to Rent and Buy in Los Angeles

Gregory's Tuxedo Shop
12051 Magnolia Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91607
When in the San Fernando Valley, there are not many places to choose from that has rental suits.

In our North Hollywood location, we have 3 suit options to choose from. For those who do not wish to rent their suit, we have a large variety of suits in many different styles to buy. These particular styles come in classic fit and slim fit.

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Navy Suit Rental
Navy 2 Button NOtch Lappel Suit Rental
Tan Suit Rental
Tan 2 Button Notch Lappel Suit Rental
Black Suit Rental
Black 2 button Notch Lappel Suit Rental

Tuxedos 101 at Owner and Founder of Vrej Grigorian explains how you can buy Why Rent When You Can Buy
Hi, my name is Vrej Grigorian. I am the owner and founder of, and today we're going to start a series of instructional videos, starting with why you should buy a tuxedo rather than rent one and why it makes sense nowadays. In starting that subject, I'd like to let you know that I've been in the Tuxedo business since 1984, we've started out renting tuxedos here at Gregory's Tux shop for years, and then we've started selling them at It makes sense to buy tuxedos now rather than rent them because of the technology of the web, and technology in fabrics. The Technology of the web has enabled small companies, such as us, to import directly ourselves and sell directly to the end customer therefore cutting out the middleman. Also technology of better fabrics at lower costs has let us give it to you at a lower price. And thirdly, technology we use at our tuxedo shop to make the tuxedos fit have enabled us to serve the general public better, therefore revolutionizing the tuxedo industry from a rental industry into letting people every day buy a tuxedo about the same price as you would rent a tuxedo. The first question I am asked is "how do people buy it?", "how do they know what size to buy?" and we will get into that with the secrets of tuxedo shops in the next video.
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