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Tuxedos 101 at TuxedosOnline.com

Tuxedosonline.com explains weather to wear a vest or cummerbund with a tuxedo.  The advantages of bo Tuxedo Vests vs. Cummerbund
At Tuxedosonline we make vests, cummerbunds, bow ties, and neckties. We always get the question whether or when a person should wear a vest or cummerbund. The positive about wearing a vest is that you could take your coat off and you still have a coat on, which is why in England a vest is called a waistcoat. You are still formal if you take your coat off. For formal wear Iíd recommend a vest; it looks better especially if youíre going to take the coat off and start dancing. The advantages of a cummerbund and bow tie is that you can wear really nice studs and cuff links with them. Really nice cuff links donít show a whole lot. You usually have to be dancing or move your arm up to show off your cuff links. Nice studs really dress up a tuxedo, and they will go into where the necktie goes. If you have nice studs or you want to buy studs and show them off, the thing to wear is a cummerbund and bow tie.
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At our store location, there is a wide variety of shoes available to rent along with other styles available to purchase.

We also sell shoes here on our web site for not much more then these rental prices.

The shoe rentals are an additional cost to your tuxedo rental. it is one of our add-ons to your order

Other add-ons include accessories such as vests, different colored shirts, and different styles of pants.

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Perry Ellis Square Toe
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