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					<font face=12051 Magnolia Blvd.

North Hollywood, CA 91607

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In-Store Shopping Experience
At Gregory's we frown upon the idea of picking your tuxedos solely out of a catalog or off a mannequin. That's why when you come to our friendly showroom a formalwear professional will assist and encourage the groom to dress from head to toe in as many tuxedo and accessory combinations as he would like. He then can make a selection with confidence in knowing exactly what he will look like on that very special day, leaving virtually nothing to the imagination. Everything is in stock at Gregory's! It's definitely worth the trip! You'll get great service and take advantage of Gregory's special wedding party pricing. With a party of 5 or more rentals you can choose from over 32 style for just $50 to $75, and with a party of 6 the grooms tux is free!

To Rent or Buy?
We Rent and sell tuxedos but unlike most stores we sell more tuxedos then we rent.  The reason for this is that we make our own brand MODA FORMALWEAR.  Once people find out that they can get a tuxedo package to buy for $99 they opt to buy instead of rent.  Most name brands are more expensive and so we still do some rentals but when you come in you will be surprised and delighted with your options.