Measurements & Sizing
You can try to fit yourself by following the directions below and use the sizing chart as a guide. If you don't have a measuring tape you can click on the link below to print yourself a measuring tape. Or you can also scroll down to the bottom of this page and find a printable form you can bring to your local Tuxedo shop for a courtesy fitting. Click here to print out a measuring tape (185 KB PDF).
Measurement Videos
Measure for a Tuxedo
Measure for Tuxedo
Use the sizing guide below to help your determine your fit. (NOTE: although this chart is accurate for many of our customers, we cannot guarantee that it will work for everyone since people come in different shapes and sizes.) Since sizing is an art and not a science we do have a 30 day no questions asked returns and exchange policy.

The simplest way to determine your coat size is with your height and weight. Follow the simple instructions above to get your measurements if you don't have them and follow the chart below to find your size. For further assistance or if you have any other questions feel free to call our customer service number at 1(888)968-4889 (4TUX).
Deluxe Tuxedos - Regular
Size Chest Sleeve Length Jacket Length Shoulder to Shoulder Pant Waist Pant Length (inseam) Pant Length (outseam) Neck Hip
Small 40" 32 1/2" 29" 17" 28"-32" 33" 47" 15 1/2" 42"
Medium 44" 34" 29 1/2" 18" 30"-34" 33" 47" 16" 44"
Large 46" 35" 30 1/2" 19" 34"-38" 35" 49" 16 1/2" 47"
X-Large 48" 35 1/2" 31" 20" 39"-43" 35" 49" 17" 51"
2X 52" 36 1/2" 32" 21" 43"- 46 1/2" 35" 49" 17 1/2" 54"
3X 62" 40" 32" 24" 48 1/2" - 51 1/2" 38" 52" - 63"
4X 66" 41" 32" 25" 51 1/2" - 54 1/2" 38" 52 1/2" - 66"
5X 68" 42" 32" 25 1/2" 54 1/2" - 57 1/2" 38" 53" - 38"

Make sure you are not wearing a bulky sweater or coat. Measure all the way around your chest high beneath your underarms. Insert a finger between your chest and the tape (about 1/2 an inch) for a comfortable fit. This is your chest measurement.

From the top of your head all the way to the floor (without shoes). Use the chart below to determine what coat length you will fit.
Coat Length Height
Short 5'8" or less
Regular 5'9" to 6'
Long 6' to 6'3"
X-Long 6'4 and over
With the arm straight down on your side, measure at the center of the back of your neck across your arm all the way down to about one inch past your wrist. This is your sleeve measurement.

Measure around the neck at the collar level with a finger in between the tape and the neck (about 1/2 inch) for comfortable fit.
shirt sleeve shirt neck
Make sure there is no bulky material around the waist such as a belt or sweater. Place tape slightly snug around the natural waist (above hipbone) at the level of the navel. This is your waist measurement.

Out Seam
Stand straight, feet together and look forward. Make sure the pants you are wearing are at your natural waist. Place the tape on the right hip at waistband and extended tape down the side of the leg all the way to the floor. This is the out seam measurement
Trousers waist Trousers out stream

Click on the image to get a printable form to take to to your local Tuxedo shop for a complimentary fitting.
Tuxedo sizing printable form