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Jean Yves
Jean Yves Tuxedos
After Six
After 6 Tuxedo
Fumagalli tuxedo
Chaps by Ralph Lauren
Chaps by Ralph Lauren
Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis

Tuxedos 101 at explains that fabrics that tuxedos are made out of have evolved and have become mo Types of Fabric Used for Tuxedos
I'd like to discuss the different fabrics that are used in tuxedos. Years ago, in 1984, when we started this business, It used to be that wool was the only respectable fabric for a tuxedo, and polyester was simply for waiters and waitresses. In terms of full polyester, it still is for work. Now, technology has brought us forward to make a polyrayon fabric that is as supple as a super 100's wool, and still breathes like a natural fiber. The reason is the polyrayon is 65% rayon and only 35% polyester. The 35% polyester is there for the rigidity, but it costs half of the price a wool tuxedo is. Therefore, the invention of the polyrayon fabric has enabled us to sell you a tuxedo for about the same price you can rent one for.
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