Get your Prom Tuxedo for Free, and be entered to win $150 by Becoming a Prom Representative!

Your School wins too.  We will donate a portion of sales to your school's music program!

It's your chance to earn rewards - including FREE tux to keep, or suit to keep, and cash - just by getting friends to buy their prom tuxes at Plus you could win $150! What are you waiting for?

Here is how it works. Prom Tuxedo Representatives can earn a free tuxedo to keep when they encourage fellow students to buy their tuxedo from Once you sigh up you will get a $5 discount code that you can give to your friends. Your friends will get $5 off his order and thank you for saving them from throwing money away on a rental tuxedo. When they use the discount code that you gave them you will be entered to win $150. Each time your code is used it will be counted as a referral. The more referrals you get the more free stuff you can get from us. When you sign up to be a Prom Tuxedo Representative, everyone benefits.

After signing up to be a representative you can either place the order for your tuxedo with a credit card and we will refund your card when the referrals come in. If you are not not conferrable with pre-paying we can place the order for you without payment and ship your tuxedo when you have completed the number of referrals to get a free tuxedo.

Call us at 888-968-4889 to sign up and get further details.

Number Of Referrals Reward Earned
3 referrals 30% off your Tuxedo
4 referrals 40% off your Tuxedo
5 referrals 50% off your Tuxedo
10 referrals Free tuxedo up to $99 value
15 referrals Free tuxedo up to $200 value
20 referrals Free tuxedo package and $20

In order to participate in the Prom Tuxedo Representative Program, students must register 14 days prior to their Prom event date. Just fill out the form below.
Please enter your information.
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